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As an innovative technology organisation, Breens Network wishes to set a good example. The education landscape and “lifelong learning” are domains which are regarded as being sustainable in nature, because they contribute to people’s knowledge development and help with their socialisation and qualification for an optimal role and contribution to society. We have made our impact on society clear through a dual approach: on the one hand ‘internal sustainability’ and on the other hand facilitating the sustainability of our clients, or ‘external sustainability’.


Facilitating sustainability

We believe that the deployment of the right ICT products and services can support educational institutions with substantive educational issues that ‘matter’ and are ‘coming up’. For instance, course drop-out, suboptimal social development of leavers, suboptimal matching of leavers with practical requirements, lack of digital professionalisation among teachers, lifelong learning, etc. With the 5 key themes of Sustainable Education as our starting point we can help educational institutions to formulate, establish and achieve their sustainability goals. For instance, we can help them to make the right choices when it comes to making the most efficient use possible of hybrid business models which fit with the chosen (sustainability) strategy.

Go for your Green Goals; choose sustainable education:

  • Less absenteeism and drop-out.
  • Better match for what is needed in practice.
  • Better digitalised, instructed and facilitated teachers.
  • More efficiently structured hybrid education with scope for a broader application of the physical environment; besides knowledge-sharing, also more social interaction.

Would you like to know what we can do for your educational institution in the field of sustainability? Please contact us.



Would you like to know more about sustainability and the possibilities for your educational institution? Feel free to contact me.