Learning, connecting, innovating

IT-Workz translates technological developments into practical applications for secondary and vocational education. As a strategic Educational Technology partner, IT-Workz offers full automation and computerization of schools. Based on years of experience in education and broad IT expertise, it contributes to innovation, quality and durability in the educational industry.

A three-pronged approach is applied: learning, connecting and innovating. With an exclusive focus on the field of education: working directly with the schools involved, IT-Workz is able to continuously improve the products and services we offer, for even better alignment with educational needs. Finally, there is close contact with these schools to look ahead to the future, in order to stay in touch with the perceived realities of pupils and students. Today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Advantages of IT-Workz

  • Your dedicated IT partner for meaningful deployment of relevant technology in secondary and vocational education;
  • With knowledge of the primary process (educationalists) and in-depth knowledge of processes in and around the educational institution;
  • Schools are provided with custom advice and complete, high-quality solutions: from infrastructural design to implementation and maintenance;
  • Ensuring an optimal learning environment with modern learning and workplace concepts, secure cloud solutions and personal training;
  • Working closely together with top-brand business partners, like Microsoft, HP and Cisco.

Mission and vision

IT-Workz believes strongly in the power of innovation, and is convinced that technology can bring positive change to the field of education and educational processes. Teachers have to be able to keep developing their knowledge and skills, focusing on providing education of the highest possible quality. Because that is what is essential to the development of students and the future of our society. The question is not whether IT can be a part of this, but rather how it can contribute to the best of its ability. This is why IT-Workz partners with schools and educational institutions to make education smarter and to help create the ideal learning environment.