Starting from the individual student

Educator develops software applications for the field of education, the healthcare market and decentralized government institutions. From 2005 on, our applications have enhanced the opportunities for personal education. And so we contribute to well-organized schooling and effective student support.

Educator is committed to reliable and consistent development and management of software to help continuously improve and redefine the key processes of its customers. It is one of the most innovative Dutch software developers in the industries of education and healthcare and the market of decentralized government.

Educator products are being used on a daily basis by thousands of students and educational professionals in secondary education, high schools, third level education and private schools. One example of the widely used Educator applications is the student information system, a tool allowing students, counsellors and other interested parties to monitor progress in the acquisition of skills and competencies. There is also a dedicated Educator design tool, which enables educational staff to create and analyze optimally coherent education programs. And for easy documenting and presenting these programs, Educator offers the Education Catalogue tool.

Educator works closely together with its customers in professionalizing and continuously innovating automated support. On this journey of cooperation, both parties learn how to manage the intricate network of relations and dependencies made up of educational institutions, city councils, IT services and suppliers in the quest for time, funding and quality.

It is essential for Educator’s market knowledge and solutions offering to produce, in the short term, a modern, efficient and generic application tailored to the customer’s needs. An application that will be the practical implementation of the strategic direction chosen and will align with the ambition of a solid, future-proof and cost-efficient IT architecture. Last but not least, choosing Educator means partnering with an organization that thinks with, moves forward with and innovates together with its customers.