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For Breens Network, sustainable entrepreneurship is a natural and essential part of our day-to-day work. Sustainability and digitalisation go hand-in-hand with us. Because the efficient utilisation of new IT techniques and processes with our clients in education contributes to a more sustainable society.. Read more…

2.500.000 users

Breens Network serves about 2,5 million students and employees in schools at the secondary (vocational) level and higher education. We are also active in health care, as well as working for decentralized government bodies.

On a daily basis, they experience how the digital transformation we have helped to design can specifically enable them in:

  • contributing to the effectiveness, output quality, (cost) efficiency and flexibility of their organization;
  • optimizing the learning process in every possible manner, in order to support the learning organization;
  • helping realize strategic, operational and personal targets.

Our brands

The different branches within our organization offer with meticulous knowledge of IT-technology and education a broad pallet of services and products. View all the brands that are part of Breens Network. Read more…

A network with in-depth IT and market experience

For more than 25 years, Breens network has been supporting clients in their digital transformation. Having begun back in the day with the development of the first physical networks, this has since grown broader and deeper at an amazing rate. We are now ready to apply the very latest digital innovations. We develop solutions based on proven applications and new technologies, whereby we combine our extensive IT expertise with many years of knowledge of the markets in which we are active.

Working at Breens Network

“"You're constantly on the bleeding edge of technology"”

Abdelhafid Amezoug
System Architect

We like to get in touch with talents who, just like our brands, are driven to help improve and grow education in the Netherlands and all stakeholders.